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Integration it is what we call our “Fourth Product” at Gopher Industrial. Our tier one level consists of three major product categories which are hoses, welding products, and safety solutions. Each of these product groups are highly technical in application and require a significant amount of service to support them. Integration is all those other product groups you need to complete the job. They include mill supplies, janitorial products, industrial lubricants, fasteners, pipe fitting and valves, material handling, power and pneumatic tools, industrial equipment, sand blasting supplies, hand tools, and so much more. Typically, you would need to go to multiple distributors to source all these products but not when you partner with Gopher Industrial. We position you with a solution to truly “Integrate” your supply chain by offering premium industrial brands in each one of these categories.

By providing so many industrial solutions it allows your organization the ability to consolidate spend, improve your buying position by leveraging invested dollars, eliminate transactional cost, and improve profitability. Normally a facility would go to six different sources approximately fifty weeks out of the year to purchase products to support operations and production a few times a week. That volume adds up to at least 936 transactions a year. Every transaction cost your company significant dollars over the year. In fact, according to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) each transaction is estimated to cost $100 per transaction (a conservative figure). For one location that is $93,600 per year. Multiple that times 10 facilities it’s $936,000 per year in expenses. However, if you consolidated those transactions to Gopher Industrial each week then that is approximately 156 transactions per year at an annual cost of $15,600. That is a $78,000 annual savings and for ten facilities it is a $780,000 savings!

Value Added Example

Integrated supply vs. fragmented transactions will reduce the number of transactions as well as reduce freight costs.


transactional cost savings!

*ISM Average Transactional Cost; Conservative Figure

The integrated supplier concept aims to eliminate all activities which waste time and money through establishing strategic business relationships. An integrated process is the best way to serve the needs of your organization, while at the same time optimizing costs and flexibility of the supply chain.


Gopher is strategically aligned with core vendors in order to pass along savings of time and money to our customers.


Gopher Industrial positions our customers to fully integrate their supply chain by providing access to over 600 major brands and millions of products. In addition to positioning our customers to consolidate their vendor base, we allow them to streamline the ordering process and manage inventories with eGopher™ and GOcrib™ – Inventory Management Solutions! 

If your company is looking for a solid solution to manage inventory and integrate the supply chain with the ability to truly drive savings into the procurement process, then you want Gopher Industrial. Let the Gopher Get It!


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